About Us

Spokes of Hope is and will be the continuation of outreach to our communities that spawned from Hurricane Florence.

Reaching as far as God wants us to reach, we have no limits with God, lead by the Holy Spirit, we intend to continue receiving loads from any organizations to help everyone we can.

We have a kitchen to cook meals, a warehouse to store various products, a 6,000 sq. ft. area that will convert from an event center to banquet hall to sanctuary to shelter and relief and to many more community group applications.

We have an outdoor covered area that will be utilized as a skilled trade teaching center.  We feel skilled trades are a dying breed that is very much needed.  Basic 101 plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC etc., free to them, with hope of reintroducing hands-on skills needed to simply even maintain a home or chase after a respectable career.

Our Mission Statement

To serve our community, at every level, by offering ongoing support to our most vulnerable population during times of disaster and acute crisis.  Spokes of Hope serves as a resource hub for ongoing community needs, supplying basic food provisions, essential home items, providing training in skilled trades, and hosting events relevant to improving the quality of life, while bringing hope to our area.

Spokes of Hope's breakfast area
Polo Farms Development after Hurricane Florence
Volunteers assisting homeowners with rebuilding
"Mucking" a flooded home in Longs, SC