Please reach out to us if you need assistance in some other way.

At Spokes of Hope, we understand how difficult it is right now for our front-line health care workers who must manage a pandemic in their workplace as well as care for their families at home.

We want to help with these services:

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You can help us with this:

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Grocery Pick up / Delivery

Spokes of Hope is offering FREE grocery pickup and delivery service for health care workers located at Little River and Loris Medical Centers. 


1. Register with Spokes

You register for services with Spokes of Hope either online or in person at Spokes.

2. Order Groceries

You order and pay for your groceries from an online grocery store of your choice. Be sure to indicate pickup and NOT delivery

3. Send Confirmation

You forward to us your grocery order email confirmation at this private email address: grocery.orders.delivered You will receive a confirmation email from us.

4. We Pickup For You

We pick up your order at the grocery store and deliver directly to your home or have them available for pick up at the hospital after your shift - you decide what works best.

5. Groceries Are Ready!

Your groceries are waiting for you at home after work, or the hospital's visitor parking lot after your shift.

It's that simple!

Grocery Orders Delivered saves you time and money.
No need to spend time going to the grocery store – just place an online order, tell us about it, and we do the rest!
And with GOD there’s no delivery fee!


What Else Can Spokes Do For You?


Yes, we want to do your laundry for FREE!

We have a portable laundry mat on site at Spokes of Hope and will happily wash your personal clothes for you.  It is just one additional spoke in our wheel to help where the rubber meets the road.  Thank you for your service during this very trying time. God bless you!


1. Register with Spokes

You register for services with Spokes of Hope either online or in person at Spokes.

2. Drop Off Laundry

Drop off Spokes of Hope or the hospital's visitor parking lot when you start work. If you have special detergent needs, bring that, too. Otherwise, we will use our laundry detergent.

3. Tell Us Where / When

Let us know where / when you'd like to pick up your clean laundry whether at Spokes of Hope or have it ready at the hospital visitor parking after your shift.

4. All Done! Pick It Up

We will have your laundry cleaned, dried and folded / hung for you when you come back!

It's that simple!

Have Other Needs?

We may be able to help you! While Spokes of Hope is geared up to help you with your grocery pick up and laundry, perhaps there are other things with which you could use our “pick up” help. Contact us using the button below with your need and we will respond as soon as possible.

Be Part of the


“All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.”
– 1 Corinthians 12:27

Do you have a heart to help others? Spokes of Hope welcomes The Church to come along side us as we serve together those on the front line in our health care system in simple ways. Church groups and individual volunteers are welcome to serve in these ways:

Grocery Pick
Up Drivers

We need drivers who will pick up grocery orders from grocery stores and deliver them to worker's homes or to Spokes for the employee to pick up.


Three washers and three dryers are on site at Spokes of Hope for laundering health care workers' clothing. Folding and hanging clothing is also needed.


Volunteers will offer prayer support for health care workers as well as surrounding and covering the COVID19 tent with prayer once Spokes is able to be on site at the hospital.

If you or your church can help, please contact us using the VOLUNTEER contact form below.
Also consider planting SEED for the Kingdom!
Thank you and God bless!

Questions & Answers

All healthcare workers at Seacoast McLeod Hospital, whether you’re an ER physician, ICU nurse, radiology tech, or front desk receptionist, we want to support you during this crisis.

Be sure to check with the grocery store you order from to see how long it will take for them to fill your order, then add in the time it will take for us to drive to the store and back again. We want to be sure your groceries are waiting for you at the hospital when you get off work.

We have coolers to hold your refrigerated items until you pick them up after your shift. We do not have a way to keep your frozen foods frozen, however, unless you choose to have your groceries delivered directly to your home.