OPEN DOORS with 2 x 4s! !

Spokes’ recent trip to the tornado-ravaged areas of Kentucky brought us to a town, called Barnsley KY. As our hearts gravitate toward the people of Barnsley, we pray that God would open their eyes and open doors to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The best way you can help RIGHT NOW is to partner with us to OPEN DOORS with 2x4s! 

10am thru 2pm | Spokes of Hope – 1111 Hwy 9 in Longs | Volunteers please arrive by 9:15am

Serving With Hope

Spokes Of Hope spawned from the effort to help after hurricane Florence.  With massive flooding and close to 3000 homes destroyed in our surrounding area, we had no choice but to help.  With national organizations collaborated with various groups, Church and volunteers we were able to show effective measure, with helping many.  Through every step taken within the process we built relationships that have lasted even after the rebuilding phase. 


With new found resources and focus we decided to keep going with outreach.  God had lead us this far and showed us that serving in this capacity was far more effecting than just doing church on Sunday alone.  Hunger was apparent, Elders needing help, children in many different broken situations lead us to a commitment. Not mainly to our community but more so to the Lord, just as he called us to serve, helping the community simply becomes a bi product of acting as the body of Christ just the way we are designed to function. 


As you navigate around the site, you will find that our mission is to have the ability to come along side our community and step in where help is needed.  We will share the gospel, we will share the love of Jesus and hopefully show you down a path that can only be lead by Jesus. 

We understand that we will have struggles on earth which is inevitable, we understand that what your going through can be helped if you allow it and most importantly, we understand that working together as a community  is exactly how God wants us to be.  Below you will see all the services and what the facility has to offer. 


Thank You, Spokes Of Hope

Event Facilities

Banquet Hall
Corporate Events
Graduation Parties
Class Reunions
Weddings & Receptions
Athletic Banquets
Fully-equipped Kitchen
And Much Much More...


Skilled Trade Educational Program
Home Maintenance
Earn Community Service Hrs
Team Building

Disaster Relief

Crisis Training
Mud Out Training
Fully Working Kitchen
Food Distribution
Rebuild Command Post
National Volunteer Facility
Volunteer Work Teams
Emergency Shelter



We may be able to help with basic food and shut in needs throughout the social distancing process.

Complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss how we might be able to help.